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Statue of Misery Live Vids. (Lost & 82424)


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After Loads of fucking about i have managed to put two live videos on our myspace page. (See Link at bottom for SoM Myspace Page).

These were recorded on Friday night at Kef. (Its good ive got this as i have lost most of my memory of Friday Night and its nothing to do with drink as i only had one pint)!!!

So why not pop on over and give them a going over. Also feel free to tell your friends!

And Let the Insulting Begin!!!!!! :up:

P.S Visit the other link myspace.com/brymisery for the Greatest Ever Aberdeen Goal PERIOD!!! (Well it is in my opinion especially when i saw it in the flesh, it was better than sex)!!!:up:

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it means you have a whole lot of whatever is being counted. where did you see that?

I think he may be extracting the Urine!!!

Its the timing of the song, 8 bars, 2, bars, 4 bars, etc. When we first wrote it we kept fucking it so that was an easy way to remember it!!:up:

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u should take the audio from the desk next time even just a 2-track out to a mini disc or summin then dump that into some software that supports video as well as audio' date=' sync it, merge it, hey presto![/quote']

Hey Danny, long time no see.

yeh we will be using the Dir Out from each channel onto a PC to get mixed at the tunnels on the 23rd of july.

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