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deadloss in EDINBURGH - friday june 23rd 2006

The Ghost Of Fudge

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  • 2 weeks later...

Me and Hunter will come down to have beers with you guys and party it up a little. Especially since that is payday for me!

They do the gig advertising quite early and we pulled out after it had all been made up.....

It's the curse of deadloss vs deadenstereo - we shall never play together.

Oh yeah, why did MySpace delete your page?

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you'll like this. check out the dates we've been offered so far for the 'start-of-august-before-binky-goes-on-tour-with-his-other-band-tour'. they're all on saturdays! hurrah!

aug 5 - elgin with fickle public

aug 12 - moorings with tyrant lizard kinds

aug 19 - bannermans with tyrant lizard kings

you're going to say you can't play any of them, aren't you? :(

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quite well i thought. mart cracked the back of his skull off the floor, and the bink and i ended in a little pile at the foot of the stage. we were quite drunk i think. and we're gestating a new song as well. dunno when the birth will be though.

i threw up a couple of time on the train home yesterday, so it must've rocked the night before.

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