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Isobel Campbell + support

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Isobel Campbell plus support

Wednesday 31st May

9 (6 concessions & Regulars)

Doors Open: 9.00pm

Show Starts: 9.30pm

Former Belle and Sebastian member Isobel Campbell has steered a fascinating musical course since leaving the band. Her latest album, Ballad Of The Broken Seas, a highly unlikely duet collection with Screaming Trees/Queens of The Stone Age singer Mark Lanegan has attracted much attention and acclaim, earned comparison with Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra for its widescreen, sometimes playful, sometimes dark sound.

details on Lemon Tree website and purchase tickets online

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Deal. I take it I'll get a ticket at the door okay.


PS this money back deal is limited to Graeme only as he asked specifically for this song - I'm sure he'll play it anyway - but just in case.

Had a wee listen to the sound check - sounding very good indeed.

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Guest bluesxman
I kid ye not - but in case the TM is kidding me (and he seemed serious enough) can it (the money back) be a voucher for another LT show?

Looks like he gets the voucher then....Son Of A Gun it was.

Great show for the main part, Isobel's one of my favourite female vocalists for sure. Eugene Kelly filled in well enough for Lanegan. The section which strayed more into country rock was dangerously close to pub rock territory but the rest of the show was brilliant, especially enjoyed the Wicker Man song, great version. Not sure about finishing the set with a Vaselines song being her tour, could have chucked it in the middle somewhere, but no matter.

Lorenzo Snow Collective were OK too.

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