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65daysofstatic FREE Download Single & Video


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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Limited free 65daysofstatic single and video download!

We have a special announcement about a free, time-limited 65daysofstatic 'Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here' single and video download that are available right now! Here is the latest from camp 65: "Apologies for the lack of reliable news updates. We just got out of the depths of Europe and about half and hour ago rolled back into Sheffield. It's raining. This update is coming to you with important news: Right now is the release of our FREE download single. It's available until the 27th May. Right now. Like, here: This is being hosted by Kerrang! magazine. Who'd have thought 65daysofstatic would be in Kerrang! magazine!? Not us. But, we are. Not only that, we're about to embark on a week-and-a-bit-long Kerrang! tour of intimate/dark Barfly venues up and down the UK. How about that? Not enough? How about a new, also-downloadable music video to accompany the afore-mentioned single by the ever reliable duo of Media Lounge (who mostly make our videos) and Lord Bunn (who makes our tshirts)? Okay! It's here: Drove Through Ghosts Music Video It's one of those sad robot tales that you sometimes hear people talking about. It's really good. You should download all of this stuff immediately.

go here


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Although, its the same album version. Joe was saying they were only planning to release one track from the new record ~ an obvious change of heart.

But i guess this isn't really a 'single' in the usual sense of the word.

The video is pretty neat as well.

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