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Your Favourite Record Label


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Pretty self explanatory to be honest.

Although, room for healthy debate.

Three of my favourites:

Temporary Residence

A pretty much perfect record label;

Explosions In The Sky

By The End Of Tonight

The Ladies




Since 1980 Ian MacKaye and friends have been putting out some incredible music. Highlights for me;

Rites Of Spring




Q And Not U


American Football





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hmm, good topic.

i've always had a soft spot for chemikal underground, gotta support the home team as yousef said in the champions league thread(i know they're not an aberdeen label, but home as in scottish).

Hydrahead are probably the best though, good limited edition packages, great roster and seem to give a damn about the fans. honourable mentions must go to southern lord, rise above, domino, secretely canadian and southern records.

edit: oh and i concur with dischord as well :)

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Guest Phantomsmasher
Hydrahead are probably the best though' date=' good limited edition packages, great roster and seem to give a damn about the fans. [/quote']

I concur with that statement.

Warp, Neurot and Ipecac should also get mentions.

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Sub Pop - How predictable...

Also.. you cannot mention Dischord without mentioning the band Faraquet.... the album is the best album ever released on Dischord.... well so said Mr Mc

aye it's not bad, but it's no end on end.

i think a more accurate statement would be you can't mention Dischord without mentioning Lungfish. longest serving dischord band besides Fugazi. and damned good too.

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The label i used to worship was Constellation.

God Speed You! Black Emperor


Do Make Say Think

A Silver Mt. Zion

1 Speed Bike



Fly Pan Am

Yes please.


Monotreme ~ Picastro, Thee More Shallows, Ral Partha Vogelbacher, 65daysofstatic.

Rock Action ~ Mogwai, Cex, Envy (new record this year!), Errors, The Zephyrs, Kling Klang, Part Chimp, Papa M.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uh.

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How could i forget Ebullition ~ Amper, Sinaloa and Orchid.


Level Plane ~ Kaospilot, Envy, A Day In Black And White, Hot Cross, Melt Banana, North of America, Saviours, Transistor Transistor.

Also, Arts & Crafts ~ Broken Social Scene, Stars, Feist, Jason Collett.

Ok, I'm done.

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Undergroove; Johnny Truant, Eden Maine, Twin Zero, Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg, 27 - marvellous bands and the lable is cool as fuck.

Mighty Atom; good for welshies. They've got Hondo Maclean, who are the best band on Earth.

Relapse; just the general mentalness of it. Lots of great bands hidden amongst the crazy bastards too; Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Burst, Neurosis and of course Death/Grind genius from Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc.

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in the 90's my favourite labels were MoWax, NinjaTune and Moving Shadow, but to be honest these days the way I get my music has nothing to do with labels so I've never really had any sense of the artists I listen to "belonging" to any particular label. Perhaps this is a good thing?

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Racket Records - Marillion's label as they have people like John Wesley and Richard Barbeiri on as well, and Steve Hogarth and the Wishing Tree

EMI have had some classics too, Marillion through the good years, the Beatles etc

Island through the 70's Mott the Hoople etc...

Lots but in relity I dont care which label, i jsut care about the bands



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Guest bluesxman

In no particular order and for varying reasons -

Bella Union


Mo Wax

Grand Royal


Touch and Go

Sub Pop

Hydra Head

Too Pure


Valentine Bitch

Alternative Tentacles

Chemikal Underground

Rock Action


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