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MP3 Player + Washing Machine = ...

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Guest onlynik
Sony don't use sonic stage anymore they use connect' date=' which is worse. however you can downgrade to sonicstage or you can install the new shiny software Sony have released on their website to replace Connect.[/quote']

But it'll probably include a root kit

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sonicstage never used to bother me, but the sonicstage connect shite ive got now is actually bollocks.

Kinda buggerd for putting an album on if its various artists. it apears in sonicstage as sepreate artists (which granted is true) but then tries to transfer by artist other than album. (or i think it did . . i cant fully remember) tho the softwares good for 1 thing. . . . high quality compression :D tho saying that, compressing to a higher format can make it sound better :)

ive used sonicstage for somethin like 6 years now (or however long its been out :s )

and it just takes some work (alot actually) to get the fucker to run how you want it and get used to it etc

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My theory is: buy EVERYTHING from Costco. They'll take anything back as long as it's in the box' date=' no questions asked. They don't even check to see if the product is in the box at the time you return it. How I love Costco..[/quote']

I was going to say that too...

I bought my zen touch (20 gig) for about 130 last year, and their return policy is wonderful, I took a hoover back after 3 years, and they took it, no questions (amazing).

I didn't even have the recipt, but they can look back on your cards history for the purchase...fantastico

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Is there any chance you would be willing to part with said washed creative. I also have a creative zen extra that is broken and would like to try and cobble together one working Mp3 player from the two broken ones. PM me if you'd be up for it. If it worked I would be willing to give you a bit of cash for it too.

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