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finished another tune


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Sounding exciting.....get out of the computer and onto the stage....needing to see some decent bands before I leave this place. What sort of vocals do you envisage over this. Would be the make it or break it point for me.

My only criticsm (if you can call it so) is that is sounds like it was sequnced in Linux and not a nice quality Windows Application! :p What gave me that idea?!?!

EDIT: they keyboards maybe don't do so much for me as the sound flattens out here....too easy listening....try slamming in some horrible sounding Juno synth.....might not work but should keep the feel discordant

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I'm only listening through speakers, because my headphones won't quite reach the back of the pc.

None the less, i can't hear any bad quality through them.

And yes, vocals would definatly give the song definition, so as it has been stated, be good to choose wisely.

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