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IS THIS MUSIC? review Deadloss mini-album: "4/5"

The Ghost Of Fudge

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issue 21 of IS THIS MUSIC? (out now, red cover, in Fopp) features a wee review of Deadloss Superstar's latest EP/mini-album 'Fear Stalks The City."

Here's what they said:


Meet Deadloss. A band not frightened to RAWK, no matter how unfashionable it may be. A band with no qualms about going "woooohhhh" in a howling hairmetal style. And not scared to growl "fuck yourself" in what's laughably described as an "acoustic" version of 'DNR', as the initial calm is interrupted by choppy 'Creep'-style guitar which leads to a big Foo-sy chorus. 'Houston' delves back further into rock's past, a mix of Seattle circa 1988 and the mighty Macrocosmica, while 'Kill Before You're Killed' is a hiphop-infused 'Epic'.

At times they touch on the dark side of metal, but they're unafraid to mix genres - - Mothyboy's remix of 'Stars' transforms it into a quite disturbing little effort, and they're not worried about throwing in some prog - 'Caroline's Eyes' is a ludicrous rock sax-fuelled monster, which they manage to pull off.

On this evidence, Deadloss have no need to fear anything, and are ready to take on the world."

darn tootin'.

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"Well what can I say – I knew I was gonna enjoy this album with its gallows and ravens on the CD cover before it even entered the player. Who are Deadloss Superstar? Well they are a bunch of apocalyptic punks from Aberdeen – take Rancid, Chilli Peppers and System of a Down put them in a food mixer and the result Deadloss Superstar. With its opening Wolf Howls this album then kicks you in the face with distorted heavy guitar riffs and its colourful lyrics focussing on death, blood and general destruction. Feels Like a Bomb and Caroline’s Eyes keep you right on the edge until they slow it down slightly at the start of Kill Before You’re Killed and its pounding bass that builds with its fuzzed heavy riffs. The vocals are clear throughout this album enabling you to appreciate the messages of each song and the inclusion of an acoustic version of D.N.R still keeps a dark almost threatening side to the album before exploding again into Slice and the almost Damned-like Houston with it’s screaming vocals and distorted old-skool guitar work. The rest of the album is made up of four equally rewarding bonus tracks including a couple of alternative mixes and the introduction of a punked up sax on the different version of Caroline’s Eyes. I reckon live these guys will scare the shit out of you !!"

- said www.gigreviewscotland.net about our new EP

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