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new Shulman album


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Well, I got hold of a copy of Shulman's new and 3rd album "Random Thoughts" today and have just finished listening to it. True to previous form it's fantastically deep, intricate, moody, and stunning in it's execution.

If you haven't heard them before, have a look at the website http://www.shulman.info where you can find a couple of free mp3's to download.

A little review I found :

"Shulman's third album is a special and different experience. As the title hints, it contains different compositions in different tones that accumulated in Shulman's studio independently of any specific album project. We invite you to diverse and faraway corners of the Shulman mindscape, to experience new sounds, interpretations and sonic surprises, as Shulman stretch the limits of their musical universe of to new and exciting soundscapes. The duo spends time here interpreting Middle Eastern music as they see it, including remixing and collaborating with world famous Turkish giant Omar Faruk Tekbilek; They offer a surprising twisted jazzy lookout at things; collaborate with successful US artist Bluetech on a relaxed IDM piece; remix Israeli trance kings Sub6 and the chilled French duo Entheogenic; Surprise with their version of an actual vocal song; And finish things with an ambient track, Shulman style. It all combines into melting pot of fresh challenging music that must not be missed."

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yeah i bought "in search of a meaningful moment" last week and really quite like it. it reminds me a bit of "protection" era massive attack. will check out the new album

I dunno, I think conceptually it's totally unrelated to Massive Attack, althought I can see some details which you could have picked up on that can be related to it. To me it sounds like a continuation of what FSOL started with "Lifeforms", with a dubby edge.

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