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Blacksheep Music Aberdeen is a new online point of contact for musos in the Aberdeen/N.E. Scotland area who are interested in experimental/individualist/free improvised/abstract/unpigeonholed music.

The setting up of the site was in accordance with a decision taken at the inaugural meeting of ExperiMENTAL, ( convened with a view to forming a bona-fide fundable organisation with a remit to promote experimental music in the Aberdeen /N.E. area ).

So far the site has recieved an extremely healthy chunk of attention over its 3 day existence, having been visited over 100 times, and the tracks available being played a total of 225 times.

Hope you will take the opportunity to visit/support/contribute to, or just keep tabs on the site, so here's the link .... http://www.myspace.com/blacksheepaberdeen

future plans are...

To resume the process of formalising a city based organisation with a remit to promote experimental music.

To stage a Public Event/Showcase at a popular city venue.

To organise a "mix-yer-mates" competition ( when we think of, or get our hands on something resembling a prize! )

Note....although we are primarily interested in contributions from Aberdeen/N.E. artists, persons/groups from further afield are VERY welcome to add comments/news/info/links to the site.

Hope to hear from you, hope you enjoy the site, and hey, if you think its shite.....make it better! ................otherwise, haud yer tongue or Ah'll haud it for ye!


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