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Thief defeated by childlock..


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By Tinuola Awopetu, Court TV.

(Court TV) A new use for child safety locks: They not only keep children inside cars, they work equally well on would-be thieves.

Things appeared to be going well for Angel Tarazon in the early morning hours of May 8. According to Columbus police, the Ohio man had just successfully broken into a van that belonged to an appliance repair company and had collected a cache of repair tools to take with him. But his good luck deserted him when he tried to exit the van and found himself trapped inside.

Sergeant Mike Woods said the van was equipped with child safety locks that were activated when Tarazon initially entered the vehicle and closed the side door behind him. Tarazon was unable to get to the driver's section to deactivate the system because of a steel cage that separated the front from the rear section of the vehicle.

Tarazon remained in the vehicle until a company employee showed up at about 7:10 a.m. and discovered him in the vehicle. The man, however, refused to let the trapped thief out and contacted police instead.

Columbus police arrested Tarazon at about 7:25 a.m. Sgt. Woods said several tools were recovered from his pocket.

Tarazon was charged with theft from a motor vehicle and criminal damaging. He is currently in the Franklin County Jail.

Bahahahahaha Fool.

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