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project:venhell + Found reviews


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Project: Ven Hell sure like to make some noise and their contrast of ferocious hardcore punk and monolithic stoner rock is the antidote to the millions suffering at the hands of Embrace, Keane and Coldplay. Though the band members aren't as confrontational as the music with the guitarist and bassist concentrated on their playing leaving the frontman to stoat around the stage, rambling and screaming with some incoherent wisdom, like Mark E Smith but with teeth.


An array of electronic gadgetry is assembled on stage along with the usual drums, bass and acoustic guitar for Found's set. How will it work? Will it even work? In fact it all comes together well. The band throw, shove and gently place as many sounds and noises into each song as possible: Mullokian' is a down tempo, wistful number; glitches and beeps compete with looped sounds to create a Four Tet vibe and Static 68' combines silly noises, acoustic guitar and Beck style breakbeats. In addition, they've also got a charismatic lead singer that brings warmth and a face to what is at times an artificial sound.


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Found (hehe) another one here: http://www.skinnymag.co.uk/content/view/1349/

Tonight, Project: Venhell (4/5) looked so unassuming as they gathered on stage, but swiftly destroyed such preconceptions with a thrillingly manic performance. Over jarring guitar flames and rocketing drums, the singer staggered, spluttered and screeched incomprehensibles to an engrossed, if small, audience.

Former Fife art collective Found (4/5) followed, assisted by an ensemble of laptops and button boxes with suck/blow inputs, which immediately pointed to an imagination rarely seen in amateur bands. Their set was similarly inventive and the songs well-constructed, the Beta Band-esque sound provoking a genuinely warm response from an admiring audience. Such imagination should provide Tennents with its first shoe-in for their to-be-filled festival stage.

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