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A band i recommend....

Sam 45

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Aye we played with them for Upstarts ep launch in Elgin and they were great.

Certainly have the potential to go places.

Yeh the sound for Ocean is shit.

Anyone that puts the soundman behind the band play is silly.

It's just not built for bands in general though. The place is open plan with a really high roof, hard walls and floors and the bands play upstairs round the corner on this pokey little dance area in front of the DJ set up.

There's no stage and as for the PA... I was told there was a PA there for a gig i set up for Hot Mangu, Julia's Shadow and Mind Gone Blind and turned up to discover it was part of the disco and nobody knew how to set it up. If it wasn't for one of the HM guitarists figuring it out the gig would never have happened.

Ho hum

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Apparently the manager is wanting to turn it more into a music venue though. The pa is a bit poor. Great place to play though.

He's been "trying" since it opened but it's a bit half assed. Also I wasn't impressed by him in the lead up to the gig and won't be dealing with him again.

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