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Guitar software.

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Probably been done a hundred times, but i'm looking for a reliable box / program that makes it easy to record high quality quality demos on a pc. Always fancied a rack mountable V-amp 2 but i'm pretty sure there's bigger and better things for home recording these days.

It'd also be handy if said equipment could also record vocals and bass.

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Guest b-bert

i've had no experience using either of these but line 6 sell the toneport and mackie sell the spike. they both look like having good features. if you use an apple yoou can use garageband with an inteface from a company like m-audio.

as i say ive used none of these but they are what ive discovered from my own research.

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I use a Line 6 interface and its pretty good. You can upgrade the models on it so it has the same ones as a PODxt, it can record bass and has a balanced mike input aswell. Its really good for £100. For an extra £30 you get one with phantom power.

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Check out the EMU0404 sound card....and look into the software Cubase SX for recording, and either IK Multimedia Amplitube. Native Instruments Guitair Rig, or Native Instruments Guitar Rig Combos for inserting on your input channel for recording guitar straight in.

There are other guitar amp simulator softwares, but I find amplitube (especially) to be the best of a bad bunch. If you run your guitar into a Marshall MS2 at the same time you can simulate some sustain which will make its way into the recording if you crank it up (its only a 1W amp and is worth every penny!!!).

Theres the WAVES GTR software (and hardware) which apart from the tuner (which is a nice on screen version of the Korg tuner) really doesn't excite me. Amplitube cuts it every time, if you're not happy with the sound after you have recorded it, a bit of EQ and compression (look into either WAVES of Bluetubes if you are using Cubase) really brings it up.

If you are using Pro Tools (perhaps you have gone for the Pro Tools digibox or the digi 002) the Line 6 "amp farm" software is the one to go for, and is the product that made Line 6 the compant they are! (even before the Pod's became widespread)

Stick with easy stuff and get an ASIO compatible sound card, CUbase SX (a lite version comes free with the EMU0404 as well as a free lite version of Amplitube!!) For drums learn about the Cubase Drum Map and MIDI programming, then into either Cubase's LM7 drum machine (pants) or Native Instruments Battery, BFD's various samples/sample libraries or Reason Drum kits etc......there are a load of great ways to get great drum sounds without needing a real drum kit, just a MIDI keyboard (or patience and the Cubase Drum Editor) can get you great results.

Drop me a PM if you want more thorough help...but I hope this is a help and sparks some brain waves amongst people...really...you DON'T need to be spenindg £100's at Capt Toms for a shitty demo when you can do a reasonable demo on the cheap at home, and add to it to your hearts content and add more and more and more in your own time for a very small investment!!!

More than nothing, learnh how to play your guitar well. When you are recording into digital...the sound going in is the sound recorded like it or lump it. (what I'm meaning is there is virtually NO character to hide behind....digital is very clean so mistakes, crap sound, bum notes, whatever, and always WAY too prominent) .if you hate the performace then you will hate the performance after its 99th spin and almost final mix.....recording things right to start with is half the battle as it saves the work at midown. Has anyone here ever really been happy with the raw sound on the multitrack at captain toms before a mix down? If it sounds crap then, no amount of tweaking an effects can fix it...seriously...get it soudning right when you record....or scrap the project and tell them it isn't working!!!! There is no "Fix in the mix"...you can try , but you can always tell a recording which doesn't sound like an original and it just lacks groove and flow and kills the sound......

Yadda yadda......keep on pluging anyway....PM me even if you don't want to pay for software....I WILL NOT tell you how to get it for free ;) but advise you work arounds

nudge nudge wink wink

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Surely someone must have decent recording software / hardware at home?

I think you might want to try one of these:


Presonus Firebox - It's a firewire recording interface' date=' very very good bit of kit... Has 2 quality mic preamps with phantom power (for recording vox) - bass can be done DI into the preamps and for guitars, get yourself a Shure SM57 and mix up your amp...

I used it to record the new Ascension stuff (see [url']www.myspace.com/ascensionbanduk) and I'm well chuffed with it...

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