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This Week In The Tunnels .mon 8th - Sun 14th May

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Mon 8th / Interesting Music Presents , Barzin , Delawair , Pete Mc Conville.

8pm £5

Tues 9th / The Vandelays , Five Finger Discount , Your Own Disaster , Midnight Noise. 8pm £4

Vo-coustics Presents / Astrid Williamson , emma foreman + dusty valentino , callel 8pm


Wed 10th / Go-north Presents / Hivda , Found , Hookers Green No.1 , Linus Loves. 9pm Free

Thurs 11th / Go-north Presents / The Rites , Stanley. Dj Alan Mc Gee. 10pm Free

Fri 12th / Arkade Projects Presents / Molina Falls , Eye , The Fall Of Boss Koala , Copy Ha Ho , Small Enclosed Area. 8pm £5

Sat 13th / African Drum Night With / Dezibels , Jabber Wocky , Drum In A Boot ,

Nansady Keitas Workshop, Burning Bush Hi Fi. £3

Sun 14th / Hip Hop Night With / Tourettes , Scratch 22 , Granite Emcees.

8pm. £4

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Room 2 on friday also features punk/harcdcore legends Eastfield, The Planeteers, The Upstarts and i'm pretty sure someone else; apologies for not having the time to seek further details out.

But for the £5 you can wander between the rooms as you please

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