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Mission: Impossible 3


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What's the verdict?

I have just got back from seeing it and I thought it was one of the best action movie's I had seen in a long time. Some of the cinematics in the film were unbeleivable and the way the plot was structured was very witty.

Loved it to bits. Mind you I might be biased since it was JJ Abrams who created Lost.

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Fucking meaningless inane drivel' date=' for children and the braindead.[/quote']

no doubt, i fucking loved it! just in the door from catching it myself. some of the action sequences were outstanding and cruise is in great shape!

so stripey, you not had a chance to catch it yet?

well worth a look



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I couldn't help but think it was a rip off of my beloved True Lies.

- Secret Agent spy guy pretending to be a sales man to his wife

- Wife get's kidknapped

- Jets take out long bridge over water

- Man doing hoovering in blown out skyscraper office

Was pretty good though...

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I'm very much torn between my hatred for Tom Cruise and my love for Simon Pegg on whether or not I'm going to see it.

i think i've only ever seen simon pegg play one character. in several different productions. but he's awesome so he can get away with it.

i quite enjoyed the movie. it wasn't the most intellectual film i've ever seen but if that's what anyone was expecting, they're a bit of an eejit given the previous two movies and the trailer for this one...

what was the lost reference? i missed that completely.

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