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Captain, L4, Edgar Prais


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Last night at the Tunnels.

I thought all three bands were excelent.

Edgar Prais have some brilliant songs, and they sounded even better live - fuller and heavier. Poor Kris tho, getting knocked out on the first song! "You and Me" or "Pop Song 93" were my favourites i think.

RHL didn't disappoint, as usual. Great new tune too!

I really enjoyed Captain too. I had only heard the single "broke", but thought they had a great sound. They were all really nice people too - they signed the vinyl and CD case for me.

Here are a few pics i took (only got pics of captain).








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Just thought this was as good a place as any to say this...

does anyone else have the Captain album?

i actually love it.. there are so many lovely songs. It is called "This Is Hazelville" and i would really reccommened it. My favourite track at the moment (apart from all the singles) is east, west, north , south... such lovely harmonies!


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