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Dresden Dolls in Princes Square Centre Glasgow

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'Live performance in The Princes Square Centre

Friday May 5th at 3:00pm

Life as part of an internationally renowned touring rock duo can sometimes take its toll on the senses. Its often youll hear a band complain that a busy and precisely planned promotions schedule can result in seeing little more than the inside of a series of strangely similar looking hotel rooms and very little, if any, of the city in which they are performing. This is especially sad when said city is Glasgow, a European City of Culture. Notwithstanding these protestations of confinement though, it is seldom that a band will endeavour to find a solution to said enigma.

The Dresden Dolls however, are not like all other bands.

And so, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the Dresden Dolls will be making a break from their hotel room and heading out into Glasgow town to combine promo with a little adventure by way of a 30 minute live performance in the beautiful Princes Square building.

As you are probably all aware, the Princes Centre is many tiered with balconies on each gallery which look down to the lowest levels courtyard where sits a grand piano, and, on the afternoon of Friday the 5th May at 3:00pm, the Dresden Dolls.

If youd like to come down and combine a bit of sneaky office hours shopping with 30 minutes of the Dolls unique brand of rock in this impressive setting, it promises to be a wonderful spectacle.'

Nabbed from Myspace, sure many of you got it too but just in case :)

I'm gonna be on the bus :( Even though I'm seeing them in the Cathouse that night I'm strangely upset about missing them playing in public, would love to see the reaction they get.

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