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this is practically a give away


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thats right i need to get rid of my bass

its quite an old epephone model (the same as used by duff mckegan in the sweet child o' mine video)

its quite a nice bass to play but i need to get rid of it to buy a new crash cymbal coz one of mine is fucked and im off on tour soon

one or two war marks on the back but no removment of paint on any mark (and no touch ups either)

i realy need a quick sale, like i said so if anyone would like to offer me around £50 that would be lovely (and ill throw in a free ritter padded gig bag with it)

<img src="http://www.freewebz.com/planeteers/bass1.jpg" border="0" width="180" />

i do hav more pics of more detailed parts of the bass. p.m me if you want more pics

im also looking to get rid of one of my guitars as well, its a vintage vh51, a copy of one of eddie van halens guitars its realy realy nice, it has a floyd rose trem and locking nut (which i no longer like to use but its great for wild guitar solos) im looking for closer to £130 for this, which i think is also quite a gd deal nd i supose i could thro in a a bag for this too (but it would be a fender padded bag)

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