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whats the best way to distribute a demo?


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stick it on myspace, give it away/sell it at gigs, send it to vic galloway and the northsound indie dj, send it to isthismusic?, send it to venues and promoters all over scotland, send it to everybody you can think off. not really necessary to send it to record labels as they get tons of unsolicited demos and don't tend to listen to much of them, if you must then target record labels that can help you rather than going for major labels first.

another good trick is to stick some in one up for sale or to give away free. personally i'd give it away, do two tracks on cheap cdr's and stick it in master sleeves(the cardboard sleeves record shops use to store cd's, they usually sell these for cheap too) and stick it on the counter in one up with your contact details on it.

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