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Red Light Rippers This Saturday at the Moorings!

Afro Droid

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(Their album is also on the jukebox at The Moorings)

"In a world where bands are a dime a dozen, Red Light Rippers have arrived to save the day. Too showy for punk rock, too rugged for glam, RLR are straight up, in your face, Kick Ass Rock and Roll.

Influences include early AC/DC, ZZ Top, Van Halen circa David Lee Roth, G'N'R and more recently Buckcherry and Jet. Their drive and intensity can be heard in their songs and witnessed in their must see live show. They strive to deliver a performance you won't forget and ensure you've gotten your money's worth."

support from MARY LIED & (probably) RADIO LUCIFER

Doors 8pm, 4

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All the photos now uploaded here:


Red Light Rippers were phenomenal, they have a track featuring on the cover CD of Classic Rock in June!!!

Mary Lied also impressed. They have been coming to the bar for years and we never realised they were in a band LOL :)

We have half of our new lighting rig installed, and so far it's looking good. Only another 17 lights to go...










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