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Triptych 06: Odetta/James Blood Ulmer/Grant Campbell


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Triptych 06: Odetta/James Blood Ulmer/Grant Campbell

Saturday 29 April

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 16 + 1.50 b/fee

6.30pm: doors

7 - 7.30pm: GRANT CAMPBELL

7.45 - 8.45pm: James Blood Ulmer

9 - 10pm: ODETTA



The irrefutable Queen of American Folk, African-American legend Odetta is one of the most influential - and critical - artists of our time.

"Discovered" by singer, actor and social activist Harry Belafonte, Odetta's sublime guitar structures and baritone splendour inspired a legion of sonic monarchs; including Janis Joplin, (whom, it is said, "found" her voice when she heard Odetta); and Bob Dylan, (whom she famously inspired to pick up an acoustic guitar). Indeed, Odetta's exquisite and singular star was recently re-kindled thanks to her breathtaking, vintage footage in Martin Scorcese's Dylan grand slam, No Direction Home

A prominent figure in the Civil Rights movement who walked arm-in-arm with

Martin Luther King, Odetta's atomic blues, folk, work and protest songs have long aroused political ardour and broken vital ground for black female artists.

Now 75, the exalted folk, jazz, and blues crusader remains one of American music's greatest treasures. Check out some great footage of Odetta on the Johnny Cash show here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU4wQ_XDjao&search=odetta

James Blood Ulmer

An extraordinary American guitar pioneer and rightfully lionised free-jazz iconoclast, James Blood Ulmer's stellar career has seen him evolve from avant-garde visionary to elder statesman of the blues.

Long regarded as one of his generation's most inventive musicians, multiple-Grammy nominee Ulmer's groundbreaking art has challenged funk, free jazz, blues and African-American idioms for five decades.

As accomplished and mesmerising as he is experimental, Ulmer's advanced jazz, abstract blues, raga meditations and harmolodic aphorisms were informed and championed by saxophone marvel Ornette Coleman, with whom Ulmer resided, studied and recorded in the early 1970s.

Also saluted for his aural alliances with deviating luminaries including blues guru Ry Cooder, bebop jazz star Art Blakey and improv maestro Derek Bailey, Ulmer's all-consuming, remarkable art is uniquely unparalleled - and truly un-missable.

Grant Campbell

Evoking Micah P Hinson and Bruce Springsteen, gravelly Clydebank troubadour Grant Campbell is an inner-city cowboy, a brambly folk Romeo: a quiet delight to behold. His enchanting 2005 debut album, Postcards from Nowhere, was recorded at home in Glasgow. It's a gentle, exquisite exposition of amber ranch canticles and scorched alt-folk lullabies: it is unadorned, potent, gruff - and wonderful.


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