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Devil Sold His Soul


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Just wondering has anyone else heard of this band' date='i downloaded there new single yesterday and i think that they r amazin.They sound alot like early funeral for a friend. U should check them out [url']www.devilsoldhissoul.com

They r in the middle of playin sum gigs in england and hopefully its not long until they play aberdeen.


what !?! FFAF, hmm...nah!

get the darkness prevails ep lad. or some mahumodo like he said , tho thats a bit quieter than devil.

somebody tell me where to get some shels, i never did find anything about them after the split of mahumodo :down:

also, is shels (the label) still going?

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Funeral my ass.

DSHS have been on the go for ages, and I (controversially) think they might be better than Mahumodo. Their next record'll tell.

They've got a connection with Princess too, got some quite cool stuff but it takes a bit of llistening to get into.

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