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countess shazula

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MOLIA FALLS are from sweden, played and toured with the likes of LOGH, JENIFEREVER and EF (who played aberdeen to an amazing response last september). they are for fans of TRISTEZA, THE APPLESEED CAST, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, THE MERCURY PROGRAM, PELICAN etc they have toured the uk a few times before and have won many fans with tracks like GODALMING, A FRANCIS SLIPWAY and SUBURBIA all found on http://www.myspace.com/moliafalls

arkade favs THE FALL OF BOSS KOALA this is a band who have seriously upped the ante in the last year or so and have firmly planted themselves as one of the best that scotland has to offer. having played some awesome support slots to the likes of 27(hydrahead) massive epic songs delivered with total conviction. those who witnessed recent gigs at The east neuk and Drummonds with Knives will probably agree with me. anyways, if ENVY, ISIS, PELICAN, OCEANSIZE, HOPESFALL, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE are your thing go check out the mp3s at http://www.myspace.com/thefallofbosskoala you will not be dissapointed

SMALL ENCLOSED AREA will eb the main local support. rarely seen in aberdeen these days, SEA have just returned from a two week uk tour, where they have been wowing audiences up and down the country, with some great reviews to boot. Another band who have re-invented their sound in recent times, these days sounding like a hybrid of PELICAN, MOGWAI, A PERFECT CIRCLE. I have in my hands a recent live-in one take demo from unity studios in inverness which knocks spots off of most bands recording attempts. http://www.myspace.com/smallenclosedarea

now also added to the bill are EYE from dundee. epic post rock instrumentalists. some of you may have caught them in the Tunnels a few weeks back at the Bench gig. according to stuart maxwell...'BIGGGGG sound, songs that swirled and built for a long time, they lured you into a false sense of security and then battered you to death with something big..' good-o. just the way we like it. http://www.myspace.com/eyemakemusic

one more still to be 100% confirmed so keep yer eyes peeled





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Having gone to all these myspace links and listened to the music, I'm of the opinion that all this shit is dull as fuck, totally lacking in inspiration, weak, bland, meaningless, dated, unimaginative toss. Pretty much what you can expect from the kind of band that uses myspace.

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oh god here we go.. :rolleyes::D

ok stripey' date=' thanks for your input. as you said, thats [b'] your opinion and thats fair enough. thankyou :up:

(please..no pointless arguements on this thread people!)

Yeah here we go! It's just really funny the way you make out as if these people are something special and should be taken note of, despite the fact that they are bland as fuck, I guess that is the perogative of the promoter with their own interests at heart though eh?

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you stick to your computer plagarism and we will stick to putting on stuff we wanna hear

then we can live happily' date=' and you can continue to be a bitter, miserable bastard


Like I said before, if you are going to accuse me of plagiarism, you ought to say exactly what it is you think I've plagiarised.

Yet again, you can't, and you won't, because I'm not a fucking plagiarist.

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total nightmare, but...

the fall of boss koala will no longer be playign at this show, bassist burny has left the band.

eye are also no longer playign at this show due to a new job.

AVAST! from dundee, who feature 2 members of stapleton and write the best songs ever, have been added to the bill. go check out the *amazing* JUNIPER GREEN at www.myspace.com/avastuk

im sure you will agree that they are a superb addition to the line up

we will also be adding another band from outta town to the bill

more tbc asap

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