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Your Favourite Kind Of Soup?


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Grannie's Broth

Tesco's Tomato Soup

Tesco's healthy range chicken noodle

Sainbury's chicken and sweetcorn

Yum! I'm having lots of soup just now. Today, in a rush to catch Neighbours, I put milk instead of water in my broth. Surprisingly, it didn't taste that bad.

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Excellent,there's not a lot you can slag about soup,it's great.

This is probably the first post I have read this year that is unlikely to descend into a slagging match of some sort,BUT I predict it will have a LOT of views as everyone likes soup,even canned soup like carrot and butterbean,although home made is ALWAYS best,but that damned pressure cooker is a scary piece of machinery at times.

TOP SOUP TIP - make a big pot and freeze it in individual portions - then when you are too ahem lazy to cook you can microwave it in around 4 minutes and WAHEY hot soup! breakfast of champions and lunch and tea as well for stoners.

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Following a stint in hospital once, involving a prolonged period without food. As I began to recover, they fed me soup. As I'd been fed by drip, my guts took some time to get used to eating again & initially I would hurl just after eating. After a couple of weeks of this eat-puke-eat-puke cycle, I'd become unable to tell the difference between soup on its way up or down.

To this day, the mere thought of soup is enough to make me heave!

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home made cream of mushroom with a pinch of nutmeg, oooh...and a dod o loaf fresh out the oven...mmm

chicken soup (for hangovers)

tomato soup (with heaps of bread dropped in)

home made vegetable soup (asparagus, cabbage, beans and a dash of tabasco) + noodles

broth with lots of barley

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