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Friday 26th May @ Tunnels


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tonight was fairly awesome...

BOB... it was intereasting to hear stayover tunes done accoustically, pulled it off very well i'd say, great way to start the night

KENETIC... what can i say except "fantastic"... sounded even better live than they did in the recordings i've heard :up:

RIGHT HAND LEFT... sounded good to start, but got very samey, very fast.:down:

ADZUKI... seen them before, and enjoyed them every bit as much this time, a fantastic band, whoose songs always get stuck in my head

DOPAMINE...i was expecting (and hoping) to be blown away by this band, and i was!! really good live, and a very nice ending to the evening... (why do i always enjoy music more when i'm behind a lighting desk????!)

all in all a really good night out, and a fantastic way to celebbrate my birthday (All be it with ringing ears)

cheers to stephen for an excellent night, and all i can say is shame about the turnout :down:

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awesome gig! cheers stephen! enjoyed all bands especially Kenetic! was completely blown away by them! Dopamine were awesome as always and played all my favourites so was chuffed...would have been good if they'd played a bit longer but all in all a fantastic night!

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