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Inventive Lead Guitarist Wanted (male or female)


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Im looking for an inventive guitarist who isnt scared to tweak the sound and try new stuff.

Open minded and the nonce to do more than play a few bar chords is essential.

You dont have to be an amazing player, If you can come up with something on one string BUT SOUNDS GOOD in the context of the track thats what were looking for.

If you like to lash on the FX then thats great. In fact some sort of FX pedals would probably be a must even if its a Pod thing.

You would be joining an outfit which I would class as a crossover Indie style using technology (tastefully and cooly done of course) mixed with organic (real instruments). This allows the lead guitarist to get quite creative because for some tracks a lot of space may be taken up with Electronic sounds....this is a good thing btw. Some tracks will be fully organic mind you with no electronic action.

The band itself consists of:

Vocalist (who will also play guitar sometimes)

Drummer (who will use Acoustic and electronic drums

Bas Player( me, I double up as Techie bloke on stage as using Computers etc)

Lead Guitar (your the guy that gives the sound its edge but will be able to blend in when needed)...and your going to look cooler than the bass player hehe..

If things go to plan recording and releasing is the objective. Endless gigs around Aberdeen is not the objective, but of course we will want to play here as well as other cities.

The right attitude is also important, basically keeness, creativeness, and an open mind

People with beards, spectacles, ginger hair, or hair longer than 12 inches need not apply..........hehe just kidding

I dont come to this forum to much so Im posting a mobile number to contact me. 07760 253233

Hope to hear from you soon



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I feel I should say something else due to the Zero responses so far:

This is a great oppurtunity for a guitarist for many reasons but mainly my background which is extensive in the music industry (im not trying to blow a trumpet)

When i said the objective is recording I mean Recording and Releasing Commercially available records. Ive already released many many records so its a dead cert this would happen.

I have a wealth of contacts in the music industry so doors would open providing I can get the right team together.

So come on Guitarists get yur finger out and contact me.

Do I have to look outside of Aberdeen for talent???


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This place really sucks for finding people.

Its so fustrating, where are all the musicians hiding.

At the music dept in college the place is crawling with guitarists, you could take a trip past and put up a notice on the kit kat machine in the costa place where everyone goes on their breaks. Someones bound to take a shine to it.

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This place really sucks for finding people.

I guess most of the people on here are already in bands. It just takes time to be honest. We had some luck advertising for people on here but it took a while to get the right person.

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