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punk rock Saturday 15th April 2006


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> Rabid Dogs

> + 16 Again

> Saturday 15th April

> Viewfield Hotel, Arbroath


> Press Release


> Two of the U.K's finest punk tribute bands - Rabid

> Dogs and 16 Again - will

> be performing a joint co - headline tribute show at

> Arbroath's Viewfield

> Hotel on Saturday 15th April.


> Both bands are widely regarded as being the most

> authentic sounding punk

> tribute bands on the gig circuit and for their

> Arbroath show the bands will be

> living up to their reputation by performing a

> comprehensive set of classic

> punk rock songs - including performing tracks by

> The Sex Pistols, The Ramones,

> The Clash, Slaughter and The Dogs, Buzzcocks,

> Magazine, The Ruts, The Damned,

> The Boys, Sham 69 and many others.


> In what promises to be an absolute must for all punk

> fans, this show

> provides a unique opportunity to experience the

> legacy and inspirational music from

> the punk rock explosion of the 1970s and those going

> to this show can expect

> to hear a vibrant, energetic and exciting tribute to

> the punk rock generation.


> For this show, both Rabid Dogs and 16 Again will not

> only provide a snap -

> shot of the punk rock era, they will also articulate

> the spirit of the times

> by performing songs such as "God Save The Queen",

> "Complete Control", "New

> Rose" and "The Blitzkrieg Bop" among many other

> classic punk songs.


> Admission 5 / Doors 8.00p.m.


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