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Beach BBQ 2006


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Templar's is indeed a fantastic place to camp. However' date=' it is a scout campsite, and is therefore not suitable for such a drunken gathering (especially since, even if you book it correctly, (i.e - if you're a member of a scout group or similar organisation) there is a no alcohol policy) I'm an explorer scout leader, and use the site quite regularly, and one of the main problems on the site is unauthorised people using it.

Apart from the obvious child protection issues (drunkards making a noise in the middle of the night could be quite terrifying for any cubs/younger scouts camping), unauthorised campers have in the past vandalised equipment, made huge fires and broken into buildings - all of which spoil the site for those who are supposed to benefit from it.

I'm sure that none of the users of this board have ever done such scummy things, but please, don't consider using Templars for any camping unless you are there officially. There is onsite staff who check the grounds regularly, and if you're found camping there when you shouldn't be, you will be thrown off site - even if it's in the middle of the night.



Oh cheers for letting me know that! I did have a feeling that you couldn't just camp there whenever you fancied and the time I went there was just in the middle of the night once to eat some cakes and have a wander about. It was so cool though.

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so I'm guessing its a drunken riot in balmedie again.....who did I meet outside moshulu the othernight and they thought my friends were irish? and also, who has a friends called anders from kincorth and was in balmedie a while ago outside the chip shop?! lol,

just interested. x

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Yeah wtf. A stinkin Tuesday?

If were gonna do this thing, it's gonna be done right. A Friday night is the only night for a BBQ! And for those working on a Friday.. you do get time off sometimes right?

I'm nae going to this thing, but I'll be able to get Weather reports as early as 2 weeks time if it's the end of July you gadgets are doing it?

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