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babar luck + the king blues + special suprise guests + support

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Babar Luck's music incorporates folk, punk, hip hop and poetry.

If you bought Fudge Fanzine X, you got a CD of wonderful music on it - and his track 'War Fever' was included. It's fabulous, go find the CD and remind yourself (or buyanother copy!)

Fudge are pleased to announce Babar will be playing at The Moorings on Saturday 17th June, with a selection of brilliant support bands. Hurrah! We'll probably be selling tickets for this gig - i'll post here when we decide :)

Babar Luck Care In the Community

Should music contain the lyrical insight of Strummer and Bragg and Dylan? Should music transport the listener to worlds they know little of like a Paul Foot investigative piece in the Mirror or a Denselow report on Newsnight? Should music be played with the passion and commitment of The Clash and Minor Threat? Should it have the melodies and hooks of The Beatles and The Kinks? Should music explore influences as diverse as Punk Folk Pop and World? Of course it should.

Do all bands claim to do it? Of course they do.

Do they pull it off? Of course they dont until now, ladies and gents meet Babar Luck

I was born and raised in Pakistan. I came to London when I was eight years old. The music I heard then still stays with me. I was raised in a liberal Muslim background. This acceptance and compassion of all things still makes me feel good. In an area where we were outsiders we found great refuge in music. From the Police and the Clash to James Brown. We relocated to Upton Park a stones throw away from West Ham Football Club. I attended secondary school in Canning Town. It was an exciting time; we had running battles with the other local schools in the area because of our racial mix. At this point I fell under the spell of reggae music, its universal message of unity against struggle captured me. Also hip-hop street poetry and reality music, which was flowing all around us. I started using these styles with the song craft ideas of the Beatles, Motorhead and Black Sabbath to create what I felt was inspiring. I felt like a mad professor creating something unique, egged on by my associates and friends. I wanted to tell and talk about my world, in which great characters who, through no fault of their own, are thrust into many strange experiences. I wanted to convey the fact that my friends felt voiceless and like misfits in an ever changing environment. This living in two or three different cultures makes one open to all viewpoints. I wanted to, and am, reaching out to the mainstream with a world that is not generally understood or respected.

Babar Luck London September 2005

Babar, former bassist with the fabulous King Prawn, has forsaken the world of cranked up electric guitars for a new take on English Folk and East End style world music punk, beats, spittin & poetry. Playing live as a solo artist accompanied only by himself on guitar or occasionally as a three-piece band with Lu Edmonds on Saz and Mark Roberts on drums, Babar brings a unique cultural and musical melting pot to his soon to be released album on Rebel Music Records / 10Past10 Records of London www.10past12records.com.

Pakistani Londoner Luck is marvellous (and hilarious), with a guitar and voice of world-folk songs that somehow referenced the Chilli Peppers, Billy Bragg, The Clash, and Bob Marley. Dont turn down a chance to see him, Time Out, London, Sept 14th 2005.



p.s. a session from Radio 1's Lock Up show (broadcast Dec 6th 2005) is archived on line at www.bbc.co.uk/lockup


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Top of the supporting cast: THE KING BLUES of Household Name Records!




"Bursting out of Londons squat scene come Hackneys very own King Blues. Consisting of 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and a ukulele, The King Blues blend soulful ska with raw folk and a punk rock attitude to create an exciting, fresh and unique sound that can only be described as good music. Their awe inspiring live show and conscious, political message have left crusty punks, hip hop heads and ska fans all singing their praises.

Their debut release is expected to take the UK by storm, winning over many new fans in 2006. A mix of finely crafted songwriting, doo wop harmonies and street poetry means The King Blues are definitely ones to watch. Song topics range from CCTV to wizards to life on the dole and of course, the love of music itself.

Exciting times are ahead for this fierce young talent with bags of determination. Its safe to say that The King Blues wont remain merely a cult band for much longer. The working class youth of inner city London are fighting back. Which side are you on?"

it's fair to say this is not a typical saturday night line-up for the moorings... :D

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I saw the King Blues in London earlier this month and they are one of the best live bands i've seen. anyone who likes melodic music in any way should come see them. can't wait to see them again' date=' and even better support them![/quote']

well said, that chap.

people! come see babar - his rider included 'plenty of black coffee' so we know we're in for a top night - play acoustic-folk-country-punk for you! god knows fudge could do with some money in the kitty after the goldblade fiasco :)

the moorings welcomes all comers, and greets them warmly with a frosty beverage or six. fight your way past the smokers and enter our den of audio pleasure and drink-related delight. the moorings also employs Barman Of The Year FMA06, 'pistol pete': what more reason do you need?

if you want to find out who our secret special guests are, you'll need to be in the bar about 8.30pm. we trust you won't be disappointed.

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That maybe true but when i came into the bar the other day i got a bad response from the person behind the bar when I asked if it was ok to put up the poster.

But the poster still went up. And remember bad responses are relative to location... for instance a bad response in The Lemon Tree might be "I say young person please consider refraining from applying one's advert". Whereas a bad response from The Moorings might be a blue circle enema followed by a one-way trip to the bottom of the harbour. So "fuck off four eyes" hardly qualifies as a BAD response. Now does it?

For future reference:

We have 1 wall dedicated to gig posters. Posters should ONLY be placed on this wall. The wall in question has appox 60m2 of space so this should not be too much of a problem. Do not apply posters anywhere else' date=' or the barstaff will get cross. The will get especially cross if you try and apply them to the front door, the bar counter, the media cabinet, on top of existing artwork, or the toilets... I mean the toilets for fucks sake!!! UGH! However you are welcome to insert flyers into the little stainless box on the wall next to the toilet pot... you know - just in case.

Posters should be adhesed (like that word but am not sure whether it really exists) using blue tack, and it is good manners to bring your own. Chewing gum, boogers, shit, sperm, drawing pins, ear wax, and (SHUDDER) hypodermics are not considered to be suitable adhesors.

Posters must not be of the multi-gig variety, and we prefer if they feature something interesting to look at and not just a bunch of writing. So a poster containing straight listings for the next 365 gigs at venue X [i']might be rejected.

We will accept posters from any venue and any promoter, but in the case of venues which do not permit cross posting we may choose to apply duck tape over the venue name and date of the gig (cue EVIL LAUGHTER).

Only 1 poster shall be permitted for each non-Moorings gig/event. This is fair, as the majority of gigs are non-Moorings ones. Essentially we have one entire wall of our room, which constitutes approx 40% of the total available wall space, dedicated to encouraging people to hangout elsewhere... hammering home that message 5 or 6 times would be just plain rude! OK? Surely once is enough.

If the bar staff tell you to fuck off then invoke my name... unless it's Laura... in which case my advice would be to come back when it's Pete or Frank's shift :)

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But the poster still went up. And remember bad responses are relative to location... for instance a bad response in The Lemon Tree might be "I say young person please consider refraining from applying one's advert". Whereas a bad response from The Moorings might be a blue circle enema followed by a one-way trip to the bottom of the harbour. So "fuck off four eyes" hardly qualifies as a BAD response. Now does it?

Haha I know it did o up but I was just inserting my opinion that manners don't cost a penny:).

King Blues were amazing. It was the perfect venu for this.

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