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Music in Exodus on Wednesdays....

Johnny Mac

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Ron's Wednesday set is always the same. He has been told by the management that he has to change it. But he never does. He says he is "working on a new set." The thing is, most dj's make up the set by gauging crowd reaction whereas Ron has been playing the same set for around four years and has been "writing" his new one for the last month.

The other day I asked him why he didn't vary his set and he replied that it was a shit night for it. I did suggest to him that perhaps it was his fault that the night was shit, due to people being bored of hearing the same set played week in week out. He stormed off.

The sad thing is, I like the kind of music he plays. I'd just rather he varied the set a bit. I've offered to take over, but they won't let me. When you go to see Bryan Adams live and at the end of Summer of '69, hear in your head, the start of Living on a Prayer, you know you have worked too many Wednesday nights.

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even if he does write a new setlist he'll just play that one to death until everyone's bored of it as well.

What the hell? I can't believe the manager is letting him get away with it really. Wednesday are basically student night in town, how can he say it's a shit night for it?

Yes, boycott Exodus on wednesday and come to Moshulu, you'll never look back.

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What are they doing to prevent him?

Can they not just sack him?

I don't know all the details but I know he gets told off every Wednesday for playing the same fucking set. He claims that the customers ask for the same songs every week. I think he maybe lying.

I've asked for him to be sacked but apparently it's not that easy...I don't know much more than that though.

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Well' date=' the customers ask me for the same songs every week, but it doesn't mean I play them...

The plain facts are that he's getting capacity crowds every week and people dance. I'm sure if Ross, Steve or myself were doing the night the result would be the same, but it's hard to justify sacking Ron when, on paper, he's getting results. I'm sure a lot of Wednesday night afficianados complain about the other nights of the week in Exodus just as strongly.[/quote']

unfortunately you're right enough, i know a few guys who go most wednesdays and love it to bits. they may have no soul.

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I still can't believe I heard the same Killers song three times in one night.

A couple of weeks back a guy came up to me in the toilets in Exodus on a Wednesday and offered this conversational tidbit.

"Excuse me mate, do you know anywhere in Aberdeen I can go and hear some decent 'boys with guitars' kind of music? I don't mind Motley Crue or AC/DC, but there's no way I'm hanging about here to listen to the same fucking Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi songs three times over".

I told him if he wasn't into It's My Life and Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, he'd picked the wrong night to come into Exodus.

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You're right. Everyone knows Tuesdays are the night for those with soul...:gringo:

The thing that annoys me about Wednesdays is this; On a Saturday night' date=' I will normally have a conversation along these lines;

"Got any Bryan Adams?"

"Mmm, maybe. New York New York or To Be Young might go down OK"

"Fit? Play Summer Of '69!"

"Oh, you're one of THOSE people, are you? Sorry, that's just not going to happen."

"Aye, you're pish min. Fit's the music policy for tonight. I dinna ken ony ay these tunes"


"Aye, same as Wednesdays. So why no Bryan Adams? Fit aboot Guns N' Roses"


haha. i think i might need to change my night to exodus to a saturday if there is a chance New York, New York will be played.

On the subject of Captain America, *most* people you speak to there fuckign cant stand the same songs every week. however, cheap drink, force of habit and generally a good atmosphere keeps them coming back. exodus would be packed on wednesdays no matter who DJ'd i think, but the night would come so much more enjoyable if Cpt fuckin America wasnt in the booth.

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Well I avoided it.

Although I was with my work mates and ended up in Espionage where it is 3.05 for a Jack Daniels and Coke.

Bloody rip off.

It wasn't as small spaced as everywhere else which is nice.

Do you have an Espionage card? It works out a bit cheaper.. but still isn't cheap compared to well.. anywhere really.

I think Espionage is nice, as in the place, and the space.. it's just a shame about the neds/prices.

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