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What was the first album/single you ever bought?

Bowl O' Alpen

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Hindsight is a fine thing...but when we're young and impressionable we can't really be held responsible for our musical tastes. So there's obviously a few horrors hiding in the back of your wardrobe. I feel I need to own up in a confession style.

First album - D:Ream - Volume 1

First single - Blur - Country House

First compilation - Now 32 (purely because it had Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise)

Go on...share your horrors...let it all out...I feel better already.

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First single was 'Moonlight Shadow' by Mike Oldfield

First album was 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead. Bought it on my 10th birthday with money i got. Should have seen my mum's face when i let her hear what i had bought!!!

First compilation was probably Now 10, although i got it as a christmas present, think i ended up giving it to my sister


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7" single - "Je Ne Se Pa Pourquoi" by Kylie Minogue. (excuse my bad French)

First CD single - "Boomshakalak" by Apache Indian.

First CD album - Well the first one I ever got was a present and it was Vanilla Ice To THe Extreme (which I still have) - the first one's I bought were on the same day and it was Rage Against The Machine's first album, and Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic

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Bit of a Queen freak when I first started buying records

First single: Crazy Little thing called love - Queen

First album: Queen - Queen (some of this is still pretty rockin')

First comp: The Boredom and the bullshit - A UK Hardcore compilation (didn't discover compilations until later on ;)

I have never ever purchased a single piece of pop pish ever :)

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first Album was Let it Bleed.....Stones

first single..... canna remember

first comilation.... The Age of Atlantic

track list;

1. Comin' Home - Delaney & Bonnie

2. Tonight - MC5

3. Black Hearted Woman - Allman Brothers Band

4. Survival - Yes

5. I'm A Good Woman - Cold Blood

6. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

7. Termination - Iron Butterfly

8. Last Time - Dada

9. Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

10. Wash Mama Wash - Dr John

11. Need Love - Vanilla Fudge

12. Broken Arrow - Buffalo Springfield

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Guest DustyDeviada

Single: I Just wanna be a Winner by Brown Sauce (aka the Multicolour Swap Shop gang)

Album: London 0, Hull 4, The Housemartins

Compilation: Now 13, here's details courtesy of thr excellent tvcream.org.



RELEASED: November 1988

DESIGN CONCEPT: Space! Complete with tacky model of a spaceship and exploding supernova that could have ended up as a Stone Roses cover with a bit more colour variety.

TRACKS: "32 Top Chart Hits".

SIDE 1 TRACK 1: The Only Way Is Up - Yazz and the Plastic Population. Hey, it kept Kylie's version of The Locomotion off the top all summer long you know.

CHART TOPPERS: The Only Way Is Up, A Groovy Kind Of Love and He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother. Two cover versions and a reissue. Wasn't 1988 a great year?

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Side 1 goes all dad-rock on us with Hue and Cry, UB40 and Chrissie Hynde, Robert Palmer and Breathe making for a crushingly dull sequence. Happily things get better with Tom Jones doing Kiss with the Art Of Noise, Yello rambling incomprehensibly on The Race whilst the guilty pleasures of Kim Wilde's You Came, Jane Wiedlin's Rush Hour and even Milli Vanilli's Girl You Know It's True proved that pop isn't all bad all the time. Burned out clubbers can feel the happy memories flood back with a Side 3 sequence that features Inner City, D-Mob (Aciiieeed!!!) and The Beatmasters.

ONE HIT WONDERS: Breathe never made the Top 40 again after Hands To Heaven, Bobby McFerrin had Robin Williams in the video but no other hits whilst Jane Wiedlin made the classic mistake of forgetting to make her other songs any good.

BIGGEST FLOP: Two absolute stinkers here in the shape of Hue and Cry's Ordinary Angel (No.42) and The Human League's Love Is All That Matters (No.41).

SLEEVENOTES: Jane Wiedlin is identified as Belinda Carlisle's old mate, Duran Duran are now officially a trio but some lazy picture research means that hits from Yazz, Brother Beyond and the Human League are illustrated with shots of their album covers. Meanwhile the Christians don't even get pictured at all but instead are replaced by a shot from the animated video that accompanied Harvest For The World.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Cute sequencing see I Want Your Love followed by I Don't Want Your Love but really this must rank as the most wrinkly-infested Now album of all time with Womack and Womack, Robert Palmer, Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry, The Hollies, Chubby Checker, PP Arnold, Human League and heck even Jane Wiedlin again all pushing the average age of the acts well above 35. Still any collection that closes with All About Eve and Martha's Harbour can't be all bad. At the start of 1989 all so-called multi artist albums were banished from the main body of the albums chart which makes Now ... 13 the only record to ever top both the Compilations and Artists albums charts.

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