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10 Easy Wishes + Onion Terror + Psycho A Go Go final details

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hello there

i'm hope you are all as excited as we are for the gig at the lemon tree tomoro (friday) nite! it's going to be ace.

doors open at 9, the tickets are 3.50 for concessions and 5 for other humans and the first 100 people through the door get a bag of sweeties!


there will be balloons in the lemon tree. the gig is fancy dress. the main theme is animals but i know about a lot of people who are all wearing stuff entirely unrelated to animals.

it is going to be lots of fun! psycho a go go are on first and they are fucking ace. onion terror are on 2nd and have a special show all lined up for you. 10 easy wishes are on last in a headlining sort of way. feel free to call for an encore if you really want one! the gig has a lot of our old favourites, famous tunes, and songs we played around the UK and europe and we are really really looking forward to playing!

During the 10 easy wishes set there will be the chance to win a rubber chicken! but when will that be?! you will have to turn up and see! you all have to get mortally pissed and you also all have to bring your dancing shoes and smiling faces and we will try and entertain you in return!

hope to see you all there! woooo


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