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Im looking for Web Designers/Digital Artists/Movie/photographers


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Here I am! Whats this all about like?

If you need some writing material and help with making tea/joints I'm yer boy like. I have no talent what-so-ever in all the fields you require people in' date=' but I can write a plethra o' shite in a short time and I'm widely reputed as innovate and dynamic, not to mention lazy, aggresive, and short-sighted.[/quote']

Sadly I dont have mcuh call for joint rollers at the moment :gringo: but I may have a use for someone that can write a "plethra O shite". I dont mind lazyness or shortsightedness as long as that vision (or lack of) is focused . Drop me a pm with a number I can reach you on


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well' date=' i'm alright.

i'd like to hear abit more about what is actually happening, it seems abit dodge.

would we get paid or some kind of credit?


Of course people would be credited and paid. If your interested PM me

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Hi Folks' date='

Ive really been looking for creative people in Aberdeen but am finding it very hard to find any of the people Im looking for. Ive asked loads of people and have been given various tel numbers which have amounted to nothing. I m hoping that its just a case of me not being as connected in teh city as I once was.

Of course I have called various designer companie but the prces are way to high and the designers are less than impressive to be honest.

Im really looking for young/passionate/cuuting edge/full of ideas type people who dont nescessarily have any commercial experience and Im looking for people of all levels it doesnt have to be seasoned pros. It might be someone whos a bit of a dab hand with Photoshop, or a guy who has a passion for shooting loads of DVD film

if you or you know anyone who might fit the bill then I would love to hear from you.

COme on what have you got to lose.....press that PM button



My link - www.witchhunter.co.uk

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Nice site Ryan.

You know' date=' for a shitty grey, granite city, we have a decent art/design following in this city![/quote']

Alas, much more needs to be done for the visual arts up here than is offered at the moment. How come dundee gets a centre for contemporary arts, Aberdeen is far lacking the resources for artists to keep them in the city, most arts graduates are lured away to the central belt or into england because there are no opportunities for us up here. So far there is Peacocks, and Limousine Bull (A voluntary organisation) Dundee has it's DCA, genorator, Glasgow has CCA, why is there no centre for Contemporary Art in Aberdeen? Surelly this should be the hub for all art in the North East, and attempts have been made to start one up here, but it never goes ahead.

Sorry, just a personal gripe of mine.

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there's Whitespace too

and the "north east open studios" (open to anyone who want's to pay 75 quid to show their art to the public for one week of the year' date=' last year (collectively) it generated about 30,000 quids worth of revenue for the entrants (140+).

ther eis also the "creativeCultureScotland" collective trying to get going, but the snow cancelled the last meeting


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