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Bye bye Bobby.....


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I dont know what you're all so worried about' date=' hes a fucking twat.

and he'll be back every now and then.[/quote']

I think we should start a pool on when he's going to come back for good. He had his cock out again yesterday, reckon once he trys that (or wanking in someone else's bed) in Glasgow he's going to get such a hiding that he'll be on the first bus home.

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Bobby' date=' I told you at the Fudge Awards that you could come and live with Hugh and I in our (incredibly spacious) hall cupboard for a cut-price rent of only 25 a month, rather than move to Glasgow. But you turned the offer down!

Oh well. You shall be sorely missed dear boy.[/quote']

i am truly sorry, that sounds like a great offer, however i have no recollection of disucussing it. you must come and live in glasgow now. i have a hall cupboard you can have to yourself...

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