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Lightning Bolt....sat 13th May.....aberdeen!!!

Dizzy Storm

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Arkade Projects are just *a little bit chuffed* to announce that LIGHTNING BOLT are coming to Aberdeen!!! :D

first ever scottish date' date=' and only one of 2 scottish dates on the upcoming tour

[b']SAT 13TH MAY 2006

venue/ticket price/supports etc etc to follow


congrats from imp, lets hope you get the turnout they & you deserve

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for those unfamiliar....


Year 1995. Initially it was a drums, bass and effected vocals lineup (Brian Gibson - bass, Brian Chippendale - drums, Hisham Bharoocha - vocals). . Sounding kinda like a spaced out hard rock band, they milled the student basement parties and crazy rock shows of the time. Good band, but searching for a sound. All three were Rhode Island School of Design art school students. The band had one release under this line-up with the track "Revenege" on the Repopulation Program dbl-LP/CD (LOAD) in1996. Hisham Bharoocha subsequently left the band, moved to New York City and joined Black Dice as drummer. Brian Gibson and Brian Chippendale who then lived at Fort Thunder, a music and art collective in their homebase of Providence, Rhode Island and released a split 7" with oscillator squawkers, Forcefield (Load Records) and toured the United States. 1999 saw the release of their debut full length, "First Record" a.k.a. "the Yellow Record". People began to notice this noisy two piece as they would play immediately after an opening bands set at ungodly volumes on the floor. Following the release of the album, bassist, Brian Gibson took a short sabbatical, moving to Brooklyn to work on animation but after a year had passed, Gibson moved back release a tour seven inch 'Conan' and toured the U.S with renewed vigour and the biggest bass rig seen to man!

At this point there was no denying the obvious power and strength of the bands ear-splitting attack. Load Records enlisted David Auchenbach (Small Factory) to help produce the band's second album, "Ride the Skies". Ride The Skies was the first time the band succeeded in making their songs cut through deafening volume and find its way to popular acclaim. In between 2001 and 2003, the band toured the United States with the Oops tour with American crazy rock artists like the Locust, Arab on Radar, Wolf Eyes and Erase Errata.

2003 saw the release of the band's third record, "Wonderful Rainbow" (Load), with even wider distribution. Dave Auchenbach again produced the record and a lot of critical acclaim followed. The band toured far and wide including Japan, the UK and Europe in between doing full tours of the U.S.

"HyperMagic Mountain" is the most ambitious record yet, The release was primarily recorded as two track recordings by Dave Auchenbach to accurately capture the bands improvisational brand of post-gabber rockulism. Raw yet intelligible, this record moves Lightning Bolt to the top of the class in leader's of populist avant rock sweepstakes.




1999 "First Record" a.k.a. "the Yellow Record

2001 "Ride the Skies" LP/CD Load Records 2001

2003 Wonderful Rainbow

2005 Hypermagic Mountain

Seven Inch Releases:

1996 split 7" w/ Forcefield Load Records

2000 "Conan", "Bohemoth"and "Into the Mist" Load Records

Compilation appearances:

1996 "Revenege" on Repopulation Program (w/ Hisham Birrocha)

1999 "LB.3.K6K3GU3.GO" on Fruited Other Surfaces comp CD Vermiform Records

1999 "Diet of Grapes and Nuts" on "You're Soaking In It" comp CD Load Records 1999

2000 "Rotata-ville" on Bad Music for Bad People - Trash Art Records 2000

2000 Mish Mash Mush Mega Mix 3-CD comp

2001 "Untitled" on KFJC Live From the Devil's Triangle vol. III 2001

2001 Contact Records comp - Japan 2001

2001 Real Slow Radio comp Fort Thunder 2001

2003 Kill Rock Stars compilations

2004 WFMU compilation 2004

2004 "Planet of Wolves" ON ki Oon (Japanese) Guitar Wolf compilation 2000

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