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rocksound's album of the month

The Ghost Of Fudge

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rocksound have picked a cracker for their album of the month. they've picked the wonderful Fickle Public, who of course play the Fudge Awards on saturday :D the lemon tree, 9pm, etc.

in case you were thinking of going, but need further encouragment, here are the highlights:

"some of the shortest, sharpest 'pop' songs you could find, but... devilishly intent on bursting eardrums. .. a blistering mix of petulant tantrum-rock, throbbing rhythyms, dark intent and off-kilter time signatures... astonishing 10-song experience... exactly what pop SHOULD sound like... blow after blow, bang, bang, bang, and before you know it, you're on the floor... there's an inventiveness behind these compositions that fully attests to their eclectic tastes... did they really just fit all that into half an hour? what's that ringing in my ear? where am i? fuck me, that was brilliant"


the picture though, is hideous.

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