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new zine - FUDGE FANZINE #11 - Feb '06

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Hello there.

There's going to be a new zine (FUDGE FANZINE #11!) available at The Fudge Awards on Saturday...

It's a mini-zine containing 20 pages of joy. And also: an 'interview' with Ben from My Minds Weapon, an 'interview' with Al from Fickle Public, an 'interview' with Christy from The Edgar Prais, an 'interview' with Al from Le Reno Amps, and an 'interview' with Fraser from Laeto. There's the usual shite too (demo reviews, your cartoons off of the awards slips, some swearing, etc).

This zine-slash-commemorative-Fudge-Awards-Programme, will be onsale in limited numbers at 50p. That's probably less than a chunky kit-kat, fuck knows.

Anyway, the point is that the FIRST, OHHH, LET'S SAY 50? A HUNDRED MAYBE? Dunno. I'll see how many I can afford to get printed, and take it from there... but THE FIRST HOWEVER MANY PEOPLE THROUGHT THE DOOR WILL GET ONE FOR FREE.

At least that means the people who mistakenly turn up at 8pm will have something to read...

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