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Nine Inch Nails


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much obliged... Downward spiral it is then!

Go for the 2 CD edition that was released last year - there's about a dozen remixes / demos / b-sides on the seconds disk -


CD 1:

Mr. Self Destruct



March Of The Pigs



The Becoming

I Do Not Want This

Big Man With A Gun

A Warm Place



The Downward Spiral


CD 2:


Closer (Precursor)

Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)

A Violet Fluid

Dead Souls

Hurt (Quiet)

Closer To God

All The Pigs, All Lined Up


The Downward Spiral (Bottom)

Ruiner (Demo)

Liar (Reptile Demo)

Heresy (Demo)

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Guest bluesxman

Pretty Hate Machine is my personal favourite and the only one I listen to. I gave up after Downward Spiral. Apart from revisiting it after Johnny Cash did 'Hurt' to remind myself what the original sounded like. Johnny Cash did it better.

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I must admit I do like "With Teeth" - but I've never heard "The Downward Spiral". As in "Achtung Baby" by U2, I like the general air of emotional heaviness, because it shows that music can display such without having to resort to muted powerchords

"The Hand That Feeds" is a belter of a single, too.

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