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project:venhell added to lafaro/paper cut out line up

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PVH have stepped in at the last minute to support Paper Cut Out and Lafaro.

i have been on tour with PVH and the excellent Stars Kill for five nights during the last week and i can safely say that PVH have grown into one of scotlands best new bands in the short space of a year or so.

for those who missed the album launch party last saturday, the awesome new album "ifeelbackwhatthey'relookingatmefor" will also be available for sale at the gig.

we now have a longer time in the tunnels and the doors will now be at 8pm.

the line up now consists of

PAPER CUT OUT - best band in the uk?? www.jacksofall.com/papercutout

LAFARO- amazing northern ireland 3 piece with hard hitting drummer www.myspace.com/lafaro

PROJECT:VENHELL - aberdeens finest www.myspace.com/projectvenhell

FICTION/ACTION - new name, new songswww.myspace.com/fictionaction

doors at 8pm

4 entry

giles walker will be djign the club night after

whos coming down?

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