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Belmont Street webpage


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A personal favourite. The poor bastard on the right is gonna wake up shocked.

I did like that one too' date=' it's the look of fear in his eyes, but, if you see later, he's obviously had a few and he's a bit more content "snuggling" with his nice lady friend.


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That one just made my nephew cry.

EDIT: Is this suppose to promote the company or ruin it?

tell yer nephew , I am sorry...

I'd like to say these people are fictional...but they LIVE IN YOUR TOWN...BOOOOOOO!

he he...

promote it no doubt, minkers like to see where other minkers hand out...

he he (aye, and I don't just mean that fat burds tits "hanging out").

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the budz bar stuff seems to be doing the rounds. I got an email today with a load of pictures from the site including one of someone I know... poor girl.

I guess I got the same email as you then Chris!

ho ho, the power of a small town and a webshite with minkers in it.

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