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Underflow Presents: The 44s, The Black Tokens, Hank Barrick + TBC

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Underflow are proud to present:

The 44s

Glasgows premier Skanksters return to Aberdeen for the first time in three months.

The 44s are a seven-piece hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, creating an inventive mix of punk rock energy, frenetic big-band jazz and dark ska overtones. Beginning life in 2001, The 44s have fast earned a reputation as one of the UK's most exciting young live bands - on their own headlining tours as well as in support of some top punk acts including: Capdown; Jesse James; King Prawn; Howards Alias; Voodoo Glow Skulls; Electric Eel Shock;and Adequate 7.



The Black Tokens

The Black Tokens are a Belfast-based 5-piece Alt/Indie Rock band with musical influences brewed in 90's Britpop, 80's Indie, 70's Punk, 60's Mod and Northern Soul. A full bodied blend of soaring guitars, pounding drums, driving bass and vocals that range to kingdom come and back.

"A band who have always been busy, but this year sees them step it all up a gear" - Belfast Telegraph January 2006



Hank Barrick

Young rap-rockers from Troon, been plying their wares around ayrshire and glasgow for months now, making their first trip north of the central belt.



One band yet to be confirmed.

Wednesday 1st March

The Tunnels

Carnegie's Brae


Doors 8pm

Tax:£4/3 (NUS)

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I surely will be in attendance...saw the 44's supporting capdown' date=' i think? anyways i've seen them before and are a classic ska punk man...see yous there[/size']

Not nowadays.

They are much more jazz and alt rock in my opinion.

There are still a few numbers that they play that are fairly skanking.

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In the spirit of healthy charitable competition' date=' the first person who can work out the common link between the promoter and two of the bands then you will win free entry.[/quote']

gang bangs?

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Guest Callum, Underflow

Yeah, both room's will be open tonight:

Triptich in the new room

Underflow in the main room.

But i believe if you've got a ticket for T you can get into both rooms.

Please note the early start time of 7.30 so you don't miss out on Hank Barrick.

hope to see you there.:up:

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Unfortunatelly due to circumstances we can only blame on a vengefull god for cursing us with such terrible weather, the 44s have had to pull out as they will be unable to get home after the gig.

We will sort something out with the lads and get them up soon in a snow-less time.

Much Appologies, however the other three bands WILL still be playing (as of this hour) and the price will be reduced to three pounds entry.


Fraser, Underflow.

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Guest Callum, Underflow

Most unfortunate.:down:

As you all know though Fiction/Action (Reasons Are Red) are a fantastic local band and The Black Tokens are reportedly one of the best bands in Northern Ireland.

So come along for a great night.:up:


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