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10 Easy Wishes + Onion Terror + Pyscho A Go Go @ Lemon Tree 3rd March!!!

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WOWOWOWOW! Pyscho have come out of retirement to support 10 Easy Wishes at their last ever show! Everyone is dressing up and there are balloons everywhere and free sweets at the door, a gorilla, a rabbit and a chicken onstage, onion terror's musical/work out set, 10 Easy Wishes playing happy fun songs about traffic wardens and lots of stuff to do! Ohhhhh I can't wait for this gig. Tell aaaaallll your friends! Tickets are 3.50 for student types and 5 for other people and you can either buy at the door or buy from the bands when we get tickets soon! It's gonna be proper busy and really, really good

See you there! Dress up to join in the fun (you don't have to but a lot of people going are dressing up). There is no set theme. Animals, robots, nurses and army men are all welcome! wooooooooooooo


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what time will 10 easy wishes be on? i have like 3 other gigs to goto that night' date=' but they all finnish reasonably early... and i REALLY don't wanna miss 10 easy wishes last ever gig!!![/quote']

Well look at it this way.

You see seen :( on monday so no need to go to that.

The Wrens gig will finish about 10.30 latest.

First band at lemon tree(psycho a go go) are on about 9.30/9.45

10ew wiill be on about 11/11.30

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nah, i had to leave early to catch my bus, and i really wanna c :( again...they are on first tho, so no worries there...i think they will be offstage by 9ish, fuck the wrens, ill just head str8 to the lemontree.

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I bought my ticket for this today. I am very excited at the prospect of seeing Psycho A Go Go again, especially as all of the bands on the bill are so incredible, and double especially as Psycho will comprise of what I will always think of as the classic line-up. In preparation, I have been listening to the seminal 'psychoagogo.co.uk'. Sweet.

I hope they play 'No Cure', though I know/fear they will not. Also, it would be great if the bald middle-aged Asian groupie they used to have (Monty?) came along to the gig. Mindblowing.

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