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Guitar stuff for sale (epiphone, line6, BOSS)


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Line6 POD 2

Asking Price 90

Guitar amplifier emulation device, great for practicing or recording. Read about it here. I've personally found that this is a really enjoyable device to play about with, and through a guitar amp it really does sound great. The speaker emulations not amazing but passable. Great learning tool also, you'll familiarise yourself with sound from the general popular heratage of amps from the past 50 years, you can also mix and match speaker cabinets. Also features a clean input level boost function so you can drive amps harder without colouring the sound, presence boost and volme boost functions are amongst some of the lesser known functions. Full MIDI capability and a full effects section modelling some highly regarded stomp boxes. You can use this thing through keyboard amps, guitar amps, bass amps(you can play bass through it and theres a tube mic preamp setting too), PAs, home hifis etc.

Some of my favourite amp models this thing does:

Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Dual Rectifier, Single Rectifier, Marshall JCM800, Plexi, JTM45, Fender Twin, Fender Bassman, Fender Blackface, Vox AC15 and AC30, Soldano SLO100, theres tonnes more than these though.


Thats the best pic I have handy, I'll take another one later.

Epiphone Gothic Explorer

350-370 ono

I bought this new and it would have been from one of the first batches delivered to britain. Still have the original purchase documentation.

Read about it hereMahogany body, what I'd describe as 'medium' frets, rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, Tuneomatic tailpiece, set neck.

The guitar came with standard epiphone ceramic open humbuckers, in the Bridge position however I have installed (professionally) a seymour duncan JB in the bridge position which just seems to bring this guitar alive. You can read reviews about this pickup here as I did when I was considering getting one. The conclusion I drew after my research (and you should feel free to back this up with research of your own) was that this is universally one of the most successful pickups SD have ever produced, its a tight sound with a generous high end, which balances out nicely with this guitar. The mahogany body and large wood mass behind the bridge gives the guitar depth, I'd describe the overall sound as 'defined' if that makes sense. Definately rawks. I might be able to get some sound clips up by the end of the week if anyones really interested. The neck position still houses the original humbucker which sounds alright, but the guitar would really shine with a nice upgrade here. All ready for you to add your flavour of jangly single-coilness, smooth jazz action or searing lead neck sounds.

Immaculate condition, one small ding exists on the headstock, you can see it in the closeup photo. Tbh I could have filled it in with permanent marker and you wouldn't notice but I leave it to you, the buyer to decide how best to deal with this.

Price is marked as 'ono' however I am looking to get a decent price, given that the pickup upgrade itself is worth 80. I may be willing to throw in a few goodies if you pay full price, possibly including a full professional setup with your personal choice of strings, now thats a complete bargain.

Comes with a sturdy padded gig bag.


Large size


Large size


Large size


Large size


Large size


Large size

Also for sale, BOSS Metal Zone (MT-2) pedal, looking for offers round about 50

Interested? Private message me or reply here please, or you can e-mail me at steven9000@hotmail.com



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