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Need A Bassist Urgently!


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I am a solo artist looking to complete my live band

i have just finished my first EP with BlackCatMusic and it has been played on local radio stations

I already have a guitarist and and drummer just need the bassist

I'm looking for someone with a strong personality and someone who is determind to gig and practice (you must also be able to have a laugh and a good time!)

We sound like an alternative rock band and we all have diverse influences, we have been playing together for more than a year but this is the first time under my solo outing (we're like one big happy family)

All practices are paid for under my label, and you will be paid well for gigs (increasing with each one - might not be a lot until we get 'bigger' ones)


email : u02dlj5@abdn.ac.uk

web : www.myspace.com/rottendarrenlee

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At first it will just be learning the new songs, but i hope to colaborate for the next EP which i want to record in august

I'm holding a practice on saturday at captain toms it would be the first time that we have all played together collectively if you want more details then just reply

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