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Dead Kennedys

Fast Caz

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Since Give me Convienience is a "best of" of sorts it's not really fair to compare it to Fresh Fruit.

Of their "official" studio albums I would say Fresh Fruit was their best. They pretty much get worse after every release, I think.

I love DK's but their earlier work is far better than their turgid, jaded later studio works. They were always amazing live throughout their career, however.

As I type this I'm thinking I rarely listen to the other albums in full - I always seem to make up DK "mixies"

Give me Convienience is a great comp.

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Guest bluesxman

My order of merit for the studio albums -

1. Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

2. Frankenchrist

3. Plastic Surgery Disasters

4. In God We Trust Inc.

5. Bedtime For Democracy

Fresh Fruit or Give Me Convenience would be the best starting point for newcomers I think. The Jello Biafra/DOA album 'Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours' or first Lard album and single are also worth investigating as is Jello's 'country' album with Mojo Nixon.....

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