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Valentines Day


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What the hell?is this a day picked from ghandis arse to make you feel like shit or what?its only ten o clock and i think im verging on my first porno of the day.got to go to work and serve couple for 9 hours and i bet you i dont get one fecking text.pah.anyone want any casual tom foolery?

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aw, happy birthday/valentine's katy!

sitting at home vs sitting at work. hmmm.

i was bitter about it this morning but then saw a girl's face light up when she received a bunch of roses. made me smile and i don't care that it's corporated to all hell, it was nice to see someone that happy amidst every elses' sour faces.

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Reckon they just rip babies out today that are due in the next fortnight to make them appear more romantic? Aria Giovanni, nice choice! I'm garunteed to get heaps of flowers when i'm at work tonight, although i will be giving them straight back once they've been paid for.

I read this morning that Valentines celebrations used to involve running around the streets butt-naked whilst swinging chunks of chopped up goats around your head. That would be something to see. If pink punk did this, i'd definately give her my vote.

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One thing I cannot tolerate is people doing that bandwagoin "isn't valentine's day shit commercialism" bollocks.

I don't have any views on it one way or the other, but I have to say rainbow princesses "happy hallmark day" really made me grin, best slice of cynicism i've read yet on the whole issue ever.

Her posts always make me laugh, she's cool so I'm surprised she's spending tonight with a Chinese takeaway.

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