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Hat - Lost


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Anyone find a Misfits girls baker-boy hat in Oh Henry's (we went there for a college night out after Mendeed) last Sunday? I loved my wee hat and always wore it; some numpty from my class decided to borrow it and didnt put it back when I was getting drinks and now cant remember what he did with it...and since Retro Rebels are sold out of them I'm really not chuffed. The staff couldnt find it and I was just wondering if someone maybe found it or saw it? If not, and you see someone with one, slap them for me, they may be the thief! :down:

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Is it too obvious to suggest that littlenastymidget may be gay or have gay friends?
yes. cos we dont know who littlenastymidget is. we're talking to nastylittlemidget.

and well, I lvoe the gay bar. But I went there like everyday between 9 and 11 when it was 1 a pint. And never saw no wanking off/sucking off etc etc. So I reckon these people that say all that shit about it.....are talking utter bollocks.

And I only saidf (yeah, it was me not Bobby) because I reckon she got the name of the place she actually went to wrong. But thats me being a pedantic fuck.

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I have one that I found.

What the blood hell were you doing in the gay bar?

Ask Andy from Statue of Misery, I just got a text from him that night saying that the entire college group A were in Oh Henrys and to get my ass down there...Was good fun but I would have preferred to stay in Exodus lol Where and when did you find it?

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Okay' date=' I was proved wrong, like a big cock rammed up my proverbial anus.

And I didnt actually find a hat. I was lying cos I'm a cunt.[/quote']

damn you for getting my hopes up lol

Yeah it was good fun, we managed to get all the guys from the college class (bar Andy) up on the stage that night to dance to the Village People...:up:

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