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The BonJovi Experience + Samurai Fury @ Kef Sat 18th


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Location: Kef, Belmont Street

Price: 8 at the door or 5 tickets if bought from Samurai Fury

Line-up: The BonJovi Experience + Samurai Fury

A tribute to rock legends Bon Jovi with support from sleazy rockers Samurai Fury.

For tickets at 5 instead of 8 at the door message "turbodude" on aberdeen-music or contact any member of Samurai Fury.

Sing along, you all know the words!


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Fuckin' ace gig!!! Samurai Fury opened with a fuckin ripping set, followed the Bob Jovi Experiece with ultimate cheese!!!! Shame on the fuckin' lot of ya!!!! All standin at the back, occassionally nodding your heads!!! You should've been at the front actin like a maniac like me (yes that was me!). Special thanks to bandana guy from Estrella, as he was the only one to come rock out with me! Rock N' Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :up:

Andy xxxx

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Surley a night of of turgid rank ballads and hair spray!


Who would pay for that?!

Just so everyone is clear, Samurai Fury have nothing to do with "turgid rank ballads" only rock'n'roll. i don't acctually know how the BJ experience set was tho. did anyone else see them? i kind of fled because we covered alot of their equipment with water lol! Sorry guys! :D

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