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Things In Herds + Adrian Crowley + Blind Tommy Doo


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interesting music are just delighted to announce yet another absolute corker of a gig

featuring one of ouir very favourite artists who will visit Aberdeen for the 1st time

*see below

The Tunnels,


Wednesday 22nd March.

Doors 8pm.

Entry 5

The Tunnels, Aberdeen.

Things In Herds

Adrian Crowley

Blind Tommy Doo

Things In Herds

A few years ago, whilst on a ceremonial Collective parade in Brighton, regal Fence-honcho King Creosote happed two musicians (Pete and Miss Ping), performing under the moniker Things In Herds. Except this herd were not of the fun-loving, Shetland pony variety or the cuddly fluffy sheep variety rather, they were creatures content to roam the fields of their own world. A place where tiny pigs manoeuvre zebras across barren plains; where lofty swans keep watch over settlements at night; where strange and awkwardly sized creatures are lost in unsettling landscapes. Things In Herds, have been making music since 1999 and released their debut album, I Can Dancing And Walking, through American label Undecided Records in 2002. Last year they recorded their second album Everything Has To End Somewhere, and released it as a limited CD-R home-made run. The songs on the album were so strong that a decision was made to put it out as a proper, full-fledged title. King Creosote has re-mastered the recordings, and now it is ready to become a Fence Record, and fly into the charts!

"charmingly home-made; pretty acoustic intros; absolutely top melodies; and just the right amount of weirdness in the arrangements (theremins, etc) to stop it sounding like all the other singer-songwriters". The Daily Telegraph

" Theres no shortage of glum young minstrels who elicit Nick Drake comparisons. For his plummy English sense of desolation, the chief Herdsman Pete Lush is closer than most".

The Times

"Songs so personal and heartfelt that only a heart of stone could feel no empathy...worthy of investigation now" Comes with a Smile

Following an amazing set at last years Green Man Festival, Things In Herds toured with Broadcast & released Everything Has To End Somewhere through Fence Records in September 2005.



n.b. according to Kenny Anderson this is the recording Fence Records are most pleased with

Adrian Crowley

Born in Malta one August the 9th.Dropped out of Architecture school in Dublin and went to live in a house by the Grand Canal full of musicky types and artists.Started writing songs and playing in clubs with a wistful looking cello player. Went to live in Toulouse on the invitation of a girl and stayed for a year and a half playing gigs in 'La Cave Poesie' and 'Le Petit Diable' sharing the stage with Diabologum and others. Returned to Dublin and started recording debut album in a Music Resource centre in Finglas on a shoestring. A year later the release/ launch gig took place in Dublin's Temple Bar Music Centre in front of a curious audience .There were movie projections of hitherto lost footage of family members, and the like, looming on three tall screens at the back of the stage. The chance came to record with Steve Albini in 2001 and 'When You are Here You are Family' was committed to two inch tape. The whole album was recorded and mixed in five days. One reason for the speedy completion (apart from the fact that it was Steve Albini at the helm) was that the vocals, guitar ,cello and drums were all recorded live. Ba Da Bing records released the record in 2002 and re-released the first one the same year. A 12 date tour of the USA followed, mostly leaning to the East Coast. 2004 saw album number three (A Northern Country) captured in a series of Dublin kitchens, front rooms, stairwells and a piano school practice room. Since then tour offers were accepted from Hood, Damon and Naomi, James Yorkston and the Athletes, Adem, King Creosote and others. A personal highlight of 2005 was playing and attending the Fence Collective's Homegame Festival in Anstruther,Fife, Scotland.



*comment from imp*

we raved on about Gareth Dickson & got him back a second time, before he

joined Vushti Bunyan's band & now he's playing The Barbican in London & ATP etc

with her........ well Adrian Crowley is one on those very special artists in the top drawer

If I just say he's James Yorkston's very favourite, i'll leave it at that.......Come see him.....

see if we are right. All we ask is sit & listen quietly

(& then there is the story of PVH's Hines)

Blind Tommy Doo

Blind Tommy Doo is the alter-ego of singer/songwriter and poet Marcus Doo. Originally hailing from Ardgay, a small fish-farming village in the North-East Highlands of Scotland, his first foray into music was deciphering his fathers Buddy Holly and Slim Whitman records on his guitar and harmonica. Throughout school Marcus taught himself each of the seven or so instruments he now utilises to the sounds of The Smiths, Leo Kottke, John Fahay and Pavement. Blind Tommys music can best be described as a lyric based bastard child of the Alt.Country/Folkies and the Minimalist Composers. He seems to be as influenced by John Adams and Johann Johannsson as he is Gillian Welch and the Silver Jews. He blends the ambient expression of the abstract with the tight melodic structures of country music to create his own unique space.

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Total Quality Music

Never a truer word said.

Amazing show. Thanks to IMP again. Was that good that I bought CD's from all three acts (And I've never done that before)

Blind Tommy Doo was a nice wee intro to the main performers. Adrian Crowley was just quality, with a surprise wee cameo appearance from Mr Creosote added in for good measure. Doom folk. :up:

TIH are definitely an acquired taste, and all the better for it. Downbeat but feelgood at the same time. Late night listening for sure.


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